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Industrial Lighting Guide

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Choosing the right LED lighting for your industrial facility can achieve safety requirements and result in significant cost savings. Learn more about Industrial lighting and fixtures available at E.B. Horsman & Son. 

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Written by Sara on Thursday July 18, 2019

New Product - ST80 Flow Meter

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FCI's new ST80 flow meter combines proprietary equal mass thermal dispersion flow sensing elements, precision electronics, and exacting fluid calibrations, all packaged within a rugged industrial enclosure. 

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Written by Dominika on Wednesday July 17, 2019

Terrace Counter Day

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Join our Terrace Branch for a counter day with Tanya Lucente of Macs II on July 26th from 9:00am - 1:00pm. We can't wait to see you there!

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Written by Dominika on Tuesday July 16, 2019

PROMO! Rittal Wall-mounted Air Conditioner Units

Image: 2019-07/cp2019-ac-900x300-.png

Rittal's TopTherm Blue e+ and Blue e Air Conditioners are designed to maintain a set temperature, making it one of the most flexible solutions for the dissipation of heat from enclosures and electronic cases. Click here to learn more:

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Written by Dominika on Thursday July 4, 2019

PROMO! Rittal TopTherm Fans & Filter Units

Image: 2019-07/cp2019-fan-900x300.png

The temperatures are slowly rising and it is important that your sensitive electronic components and drives are protected! Rittal's TopTherm Fans & Filter Units provide easy installation as well as, intelligent cooling to extend the life of your equipment, save costs and reducing downtime.

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Written by Dominika on Wednesday July 3, 2019

Canadian Manufacturers Infographic

Image: 2018-06/canadian-manufacturing-inforgraphic-900x300.png

Do you ever wonder where your electrical products are manufactured? Learn about Canadian Manufacturing in the Electrical Industry in this infographic:

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Written by Sara on Monday July 1, 2019