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Cooper Metalux UHB LED High Bay

Image: 2021-02/metalux-900x300.png

The UHB LED is a round high bay luminaire designed for a variety of mounting heights and customer applications. The traditional round form factor and compact design make the UHB easy to install and pleasing to contractors. 

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Written by on Monday February 15, 2021

Cooper Lighting Solutions Now Stocked in AB & SK

Image: 2021-01/cooperabsk-900x300.png

We are excited to have a greater number of Cooper Lighting products on our shelves, ready to support your day-to-day business as well as, include the Cooper lighting portfolio in our project packages.  

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Written by Dominika on Tuesday February 9, 2021

Cooper Lumark Crosstour LED Wallpack

Image: 2021-02/lumark-900x300.png

The patented Lumark Crosstour™ LED wall pack series of luminaries provides an architectural style with super bright, energy efficient LEDs.

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Written by on Tuesday February 9, 2021

MELTRIC Manufacturer Spotlight

Image: 2021-02/900x300.png

MELTRIC manufactures a full line of industrial all-in-one plugs and receptacles. All-in-one plugs and receptacle combine the functionality of a disconnect switch and the convenience of a plug and receptacle and can be safely connected and disconnected under full load. MELTRIC manufactures multiple types of industrial plugs and receptacles, including multipin, high amperage, single pole, and hazardous location devices.

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Written by on Thursday February 4, 2021

K-San Hand Sanitizer - Health Canada Authorized

Image: 2020-06/k-san-900x300.png

K-SAN is an antiseptic hand gel that kills harmful bacteria and germs. This product is ideal for daycares, schools, offices, factories, restaurants, sports centers, and more!

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Written by on Monday January 25, 2021

Connect with Siemens Instrumentation Experts

Image: 2021-01/lets-connect-900x300.png

Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, improve safety, optimize your process, increase product quality, or implement digitalization in your plant? E.B. Horsman & Son Process Instrumentation team & Siemens Canada can help. Let's Connect.

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Written by Dominika on Tuesday January 19, 2021