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Network Routers Guide

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Our Network Routers Buying Guide offers you the basic knowledge and solutions to all the challenges you might face when considering network routers for remote access solutions.

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Written by Admin on Thursday September 28, 2017

BRO Series

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The BRO Series of LED downlights from Lightheaded offer you variety, high quality and great value products. Several universal trims fit into two housings: round or square, each available for insulated and non-insulated ceilings.

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Written by Admin on Thursday August 31, 2017

EPLAN Solutions Guide

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Wondering how can EPLAN add value to your project or which EPLAN software best suits your needs? This is your guide to efficient engineering:

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Written by Admin on Thursday August 17, 2017


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The most complete and efficient engineering design tool – EPLAN is far more than just an illustration software. Based on a complex database and high modularity, it addresses the engineering needs for a variety of industries. Learn more about EPLAN in our product spotlight.

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Written by Admin on Thursday August 3, 2017

Fiber Termination Training

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Read about Summit Electric's experience in fiber optic termination training and in using Panduit's OptiCam® Pre-Polished Termination Kit (FCAMKIT). They were able to overcome challenges such as time constraints and experience to achieve customer satisfaction.

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Written by Admin on Thursday July 27, 2017

Understanding The Industrial Revolution

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Wondering how to stay competitive in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution? Our Automation & Industrial Controls experts walk you through the elements of this revolution and reveal some of the secrets used by Siemens in leading this revolution.

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Written by Admin on Monday July 17, 2017


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Leviton has long been known for its innovative solutions, green initiavtives, and ingenuity. In our manufacturer spotlight, you can learn how Leviton acheives excellence; why it is a trusted partner of E.B. Horsman & Son; and what Leviton products you can get from us.

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Written by Admin on Tuesday July 4, 2017


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From the large sales force to the high quality products, STANDARD stops at nothing to ensure customer satisfaction. In our manufacturer spotlight, you'll learn who STANDARD Products is and why it is a trusted partner of E.B. Horsman & Son. Read More

Written by Admin on Tuesday June 27, 2017