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Future Planning and Cost Savings with SIRIUS 3RA6

Image: 2018-04/turnkey-900x300.png

One of our customers, Turn-Key Controls, was able to find a solution for an end user in the recycling industry who was faced with the challenge of finding motors that will meet future plant expansion requirements. Learn how our recommended solution, Siemens SIRIUS 3RA6 Compact Starter, met the end user’s requirements.

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Written by Unknown on Tuesday February 13, 2018

Saltworks Technology's Experience with G120 Drive

Image: history/siemens-vfd-g120-product-spotlight_900x300.png

Get a glimpse of what first-time G120 users say about their purchase and learn how E.B. Horsman and Siemens provide support to ensure successful installation and integration: “E.B. Horsman and Siemens have provided amazing support for our projects” – Saltworks Technologies.

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Written by Unknown on Tuesday May 2, 2017

Fiber Termination Training

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Read about Summit Electric's experience in fiber optic termination training and in using Panduit's OptiCam® Pre-Polished Termination Kit (FCAMKIT). They were able to overcome challenges such as time constraints and experience to achieve customer satisfaction.

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Written by Unknown on Thursday July 27, 2017