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Cooling Promo: IT Cooling

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Beat the Heat Summer Promotion ends on August 31, 2020!

Smart Edge Solutions are designed for quick & easy deployment in working environments. Each solution is tailored to maximize the use of the rack space, control cooling, and offer remote monitoring and management. 

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Written by Dominika on Tuesday June 9, 2020

Rittal TS 8 Modular Enclosure

Image: 2020-05/ts8-900x300.png

TS 8 modular enclosure systems provide unsurpassed flexibility, scalability, strength, and durability.

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Written by on Monday June 8, 2020

Rittal Type 3R/4 Air Conditioners for Outdoor Protection

Image: 2019-07/cp2019-3r-900x300.png

Beat the Heat Summer Promotion ends August 31, 2020!

Rittal’s Blue e, Wall-Mounted, UL Listed, Type 3R/4 air conditioning units are an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor enclosures where water is an issue. Click here to learn more:

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Written by Dominika on Monday May 11, 2020

Panel Shop Controls Guide

Image: 2020-04/guide-panel-shop-controls-guide-900x300.png

Your Complete Panel Shop Solutions....All from a single shop: from Motor Control to the enclosure, from lugs to labelling, and everything else you need.

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Written by Sara on Thursday April 2, 2020

Nourishing a Growing World

Image: 2020-01/potash-case-study-900x300.png

Crop Nutrition has a Vital Role, backed by Saskatchewan’s Potash Mines & Rittal’s HD Enclosures and help from E.B. Horsman & Son's Jonathan Petryk.

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Written by Christina on Friday January 10, 2020